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Excelon Dogs
Text Crystal: 360-463-6785
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Welcome to Excelon Dogs Shelton, WA 98584
I like a well mannered fully trained dog.  I expect my dog to be naturally protective and obey 100% of the time.  Adult dogs trained in everyday life skills, obedience and protection.  Naturally supportive dogs for service.  Highly driven dogs for patrol work.

My family and I live on 5 acres outside of Shelton Washington.  We settled in the area in 1996.  I am an independent trainer.  Working from my home training dogs and their people.  I am always looking for new clients that want to welcome a highly trained dog into their lives.

I look forward to meeting you soon!
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Handler - Owner - Trained Dogs For Sale
German Shepherds
Belgian Malinois'
Labrador Retrievers
F1 & F2 German Malinois 
(AKA Shepinois)
F1 & F2 German Labradors 
(AKA Sheprador)
Excelon Dogs Trained In:

Family Protection Lifestyle
Service Dog Assistance
Patrol Dog Law Enforcement
Athletic Family Pet Lifestyle

Suits those who want to welcome a trained dog!!
Medium-large size, well muscled and short stock coats.  Rich color variety and occasional long coats.
Turn Key Trained Dogs Ready
2 Breeds Available: 

  • German Malinois dogs and puppies
  • German Labrador dogs and Puppies

More information about my first & second generation hybrid dogs.  Selected, raised and trained for service dog trainers and make nice family pets for those looking for a dog that is not naturally protective.​   They are happy athletic dogs!

I train them in my athletic family pet training program in addition to service assistance.

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First  &  Second Generation Hybrids 
Purebred Trained Dogs
I offer turn key trained adults and green dogs you can finish.  Occasionally untrained pups are available for my clients that wish to reserve one before I have begun my training program.

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Happy Fourth of July !!!
Excelon German Shepherd future stud, Hondo and my friend Joon.  Enjoying Port Gamble in style!