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Alternative Programs To Obtain Your Excelon Dog

You can obtain your new dog by participating in one of my alternative programs. I traditionally do straight sales; you are buying and I am selling a trained dog. I also do co-ownership's with qualified individuals looking for a family pet. I offer career change dogs that were purchased and selected for service or patrol dog training programs, but are not training up well and need to change their career to something else. On occasion, I offer donation dogs to qualified service dog trainers and law enforcement agencies.

Co-ownerships on Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds and German Malinois

I have a closed breeding program. I have selected dogs that I use for breeding. They are trained and health certified. I have adult males and females trained. Basically, I am looking for forever pet homes for my breeding stock. The dog would be your pet. My breeding dog. There is no purchase price. You are entering a co-own working relationship with me. I prefer this arrangement because the dog gains, you gain and I gain from it; however, this is not for everyone.

Qualifications you must meet:

Live within 100 miles of me
Willing to have the dog stay with me up to 3 times a year for breeding/whelping
You must have the means to exercise, feed, train and care for an athletic dog
You must have a treadmill for exercising the dog daily
You must be willing to transport the dog to / from my place for breeding purpose
The male or female dog is your pet, but is my breeding dog and he must remain intact and naturally healthy during his breeding career. This means proper body mass and muscle tone. Please note I do not breed yearly, but will use the dog 3 times during his breeding career.
You must fill out the trained dog questionnaire or dog purchase application  found on my website under training programs.
When you message me be sure to tell me you want to co-own a dog with me.

All of my dogs I co-own are required to have foundation or level one training with me or equivalent. You may train the dog yourself, elsewhere or with me. The training of the dog costs $6k -12K, you are expected to pay for your half.  

Career Change Dogs Available

I select dogs for myself or my clients. In the event the chosen dog is not turning out as expected for our original purpose he will become a career change dog for sale. The dog is over the age of 8 months. I generally offer career change dogs half the price and I will accept your offer. I am motivated to move the dog to his new home, as soon as possible because I have to start over with a new dog. A career change dog generally has less than 24 weeks of training. Regular price of a green dog with less than 24 weeks of training is 6-12 k. Career change dogs are priced at $3 -6K. This means you may gain a dog that would have cost 6-12k. 

You must fill out trained dog questionnaire or dog purchase application.  
Send me a separate email, stating you want to be added to the contact list. 

When one becomes available, I will notify you. The wait time is 2 years. I am pretty good at my selection process, but sometimes a dog does not turn out to be what I need. One can become available overnight.

Donation Dogs

You can apply to receive a trained dog or a green dog if you are a qualified service dog trainer or law enforcement agency. My green dogs’ average price is $6-12 k and turn key dogs are priced $16-20. I donate green dogs, more than I do turn key. There is a 2 year or more wait list. You will be asked to participate in the dog’s training for the purpose of service assistance or law enforcement. I will choose whether or not I can donate a green dog or turn key to you.  Donation dogs are rarely available. 

To qualify:
You must fill out the application.
Write me a detailed letter stating why I should consider you for donation of dog.  
As well as tell me about your training program, timelines and goals. Email it to me.
If you are chosen, I will contact you to set up a meet and greet in person to move on.  

Alternative Programs to Obtain Excelon Dog