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Home of Prized Athletic and Performance Pet Dogs For Sale or Co-own.

Prized self-made athletic pets for you to enjoy. 

With your new dog, transition sessions from me to you are included. My full dog fitness program includes, cardio, weight training, balance, coordination, form and focus exercises. I prize strong bodies and healthy minds. Take a look at my lifestyle page for setting up your own home gym, I share the equipment, brands and nutrition I use and recommend.

Email me, I offer co-ownership's without a purchase price. 

On foundation trained dogs selected for my closed breeding program.  Be sure to tell me you are interested in co-own. More information is found on my alternative programs page.

I prize athletes. 

You can have one as your pet. The dogs pair well with outdoorsy and athletic people. Strong well-muscled dogs are available with foundation or level 1 obedience and socialization for pet dog athletes.  You may choose to purchase or co-own with me.
Excelon Trained Prized Pet Dog Athlete's: 
  • Belgian Malinois
  • German Shepherd
  • German Malinois

Health cleared athletic pet dogs, trained in Excelon Dog Athlete Fitness Program for sale or co-own with me.​

Cardio is daily activity at my house.  

My dogs LOVE to workout every day. My athletic dogs enjoy training cardio indoors with a treadmill. As well as outdoors with bicycle. My dogs have good strong hearts and clear lungs. Nicely developed lean muscle mass.

Drag weight training is part of our regular fitness regime.

Gorgeous, well defined muscles. My males and females LOVE to flex their muscles! Do I need to say more? 
Weight packs are excellent addition to daily outings.

My trained service dogs assist their handlers, and stay in shape. They are treadmill trained and weight pack trained. My handlers and I know that our dogs’ benefit from positive daily stress release; happy before, during and after their workout sessions daily.  
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