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What is Excelon Family Protection Dog?

Excelon dog is a naturally protective dog that is trained to obey and protect off leash regardless of the situation.  This high level of trained skill is not for all dogs, but is what I prefer. Every dog is very much a member of the family and should the situation arise the dog has the skills to defend his handler: you.

My dogs are full of personality: sweet, affectionate and loyal with their family members.  I prefer to live with dogs that obey because they are easier to live with as part of the family.  For this reason, your new dog has completed foundation and level one which is viable off leash obedience and control for everyday life.

While the obedience and social training is the same for dogs, each dog differs in temperament and drive caliber.  Caliber ranges are 1-3 and this refers to the individual dog's natural ability to secure and defend.  Caliber 3 being intense with high fight skill and ability.  Caliber 1, being a deterrent dog.   Protection training is custom and long term with 3 skill levels.   I have detailed the difference in trained dog pricing based on trained skill level.  
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