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Fit Life Home Gym
Being fit and maintaining lean muscle and good cardio health is a requirement.   Active dogs that have careers need daily exercise.  I prefer to workout at home with my dogs.  I have a nice little home gym.  We do cardio and incline (muscle build) indoors as well as outdoors.  Most of my dogs are treadmill trained and workout daily on either the dog one or the human one. 

Some of my dogs really like to flex their muscles so we do outdoor resistance training too.  This usually begins as soon as my dog is capable of pulling me!  So as young as 6 months for some dogs.  Any how we like weight pull, drag weight train, cart chores and some tire pulls.  I call them power pulls!   

Other dogs enjoy doing reactive movement training with a ball.  We play soccer and speed ball.  These dogs are fast! Think of a grey hound chasing the mechanical bunny, but instead of a bunny I use a ball .  The goal is to run fast and hard!

My friend Joon, and I like to get together and take our trained adults out for day bike rides in the spring and summer months of course!  Our dogs are off leash trained to follow along side our bikes.  I do with with only my best dogs as it requires great stamina and focus.  Some of my young dogs require a Springer bike attachment during conditioning training.

Typically with all this resistance training, muscle building and cardio workouts we spend some recovery time too.  Doing stretches, touch conditioning and focus poses on our way to being fit for life.  

I suggest to all my clients, to invest in a treadmill that has 10% incline or higher.  This will be the best training tool you buy!    Check out fitness equipment I use below: 

Best Dog Treadmill
(please note my dogs are trained to run on human treads also I have both kinds)

Weight Pull and Carting Outfitter

Men and Women Mountain & Road Bikes for working out with dog

Springer Dog Exerciser, Biking with your Dog 

Dog packs for hiking or conditioning work (various capacity)

Human Treadmill  Proform treadmills are plentiful.  
I shop for used ones myself on:  facebook market place, craiglist and word of mouth my area.

Used tires for drag weight training.  Get them anywhere, junk yards, friends !