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Hiking: Trained Dogs
We live at the base of the Olympic National Forest.  My trained dogs, husband and I enjoy hiking the Olympics.  This photo is courtesy of https://www.nps.gov/olym. 
Hiking with my dogs is an activity I greatly enjoy.  It is one of the reason's I personal live with trained dogs.  My dogs respond to voice commands and are trained to respond to e collar stim with obedience.  This allows me to communicate silently if I need as well as provides me with a means of control over my dogs while hiking.  We are careful to stay on the trails.  My dogs are trained to stay with me, so wandering off is not an issue.  I do not allow them to chase wildlife as it is illegal to allow such activity.  

We typically hike to lower Lena Lakes, as one of our yearly conditioning hikes.  The scenery is spectacular.  This trail is popular with tourist and locals.  We prefer to go in the off season when the crowd has died down, so we can enjoy the trail, nature and the snow makes it all that much more challenging.

The trail switchbacks through an area that was first logged by railroad in 1931. The half-century-old trees look pretty big until, at approximately ¾ mile, the trail enters old-growth forest, where you find the really big trees. At 1½ miles, the way crosses a dry stream bed of Lena Creek, which runs underground most of the year. If time permits, explore the caves made by giant boulders lying on top of nature’s dam and marvel at the size of the trees growing on it. That rock slide was a long time ago! At 3 miles, reach the shore and outlet of Lower Lena Lake, at 1800 feet."  For more information about Lower Lena lakes check out this site https://www.trails.com/us/wa/hoodsport/lower-lena-lake-trail.
Steilicom and Chambers Bay and Surrounding Area

I train with my clients and when we are finished we head on out to Point Defiance, Tacoma, hit Steilicom area on the way home sometimes or Chambers Bay.  Usually limited to the summer as we like to go in the water.  This area is more urban hikes, and lots of people are around.  Social obedience comes into play here.  People often ask to pet the dogs, and comment on how well trained they are which is flattering.