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Iditarod Pet Dogs From Excelon
What are Iditarod pet dogs?

An Iditarod pet dog is a marathon cardio type of dog. They have superior athleticism and have the instinctual need to do extreme physical activities. Such as the Iditarod, marathon biking, canicross, skijoring, sled dog fitness training activities every day.  Take a look at the video below on this page.

As a lifestyle dog trainer, I know the importance of daily workouts in addition to the other training profiles that complete everyday life training. Iditarod pet dogs are fitness freaks and never miss a workout session.  They do not enjoy laying around the house.  They do not go to dog parks and do not like city life.  

What do they do?  Cardio. Skijoring. Biking. Canicross. Dry sledding.  We live in the woods and have endless miles of forest roads that allow me to cover 12 miles a day with my Idiarod pet.  It takes 2-3 hours to cover 12 -14 miles up and down hills.  Which is their idea of a good evening before bed time.

The Iditarod body type is lean, extremely fit and cardio oriented. Their physical abilities are awesome! Can handle extreme heat, cold and altitudes.  This means they workout rain, snow, hot days and thrive with challenges. They consume high protein, diets that are balanced with fat and carbs,  Most require 5,000 calories a day.  I feed them high protein dry commercial kibble and free feed them.  I am not kidding, they never miss a workout session.  

Activities for you and your Iditarod Pet:

While most of my clients do not par take in the actual Iditorad (neither do I) I find the race, history and the type of dog truly incredible as a working animal.  This link here will take you to the Iditarod Official website:  https://iditarod.com/race-history/

Take look at Rachel Nagel's you tube videos, channel and website: Adventurous Heart - Rachel Nagle. My Iditorad classified pets like all these activities: skijoring, bike skijoring and canicross.  I do not train these.  My clients do.  The video is excellent for you, first time Iditorad pet owners.

I train my dogs to treadmill, run next to my bike and pull drag weight and team pull. These workouts suit me and my dogs because of where I live and what I like to do with my dogs.   Take a look at my page on my dogs fitness program