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Fit Life: Home Gym
Check out what I have in my home gym for me and my dogs to workout daily.  We maintain lean muscle and cardio workouts as part of fit life.   Indoors and outdoors. 
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Excelon Lifestyle : Inspiration By Crystal
Dog Food
I feed grain free dry dog food.  I believe in offering variety and I am not brand loyal, but I do have my favorites; 
​Zignature, Kasiks and Kirkland.   
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Winter Activities 
Winter conditioning hikes are a favorite  activity for me, my family and dogs.  Less people in the woods the better... 

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Hiking: Trained Dogs
Supplements: Adult Dogs Only
Maintenance: Trained Dogs 
To supplement or to not supplement?  
With adults I use supplements if he needs them.  Puppies I do not believe in using them.  
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We enjoy hiking on our off time from training. Urban hiking in Pierce county area and the Olympic National Forest are where you can find us.

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Skills require daily use and up keep.  They are simple and must be done.  At home, at group and club are available in addition to private in house dog tune ups.
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Inspiration for life with your new Excelon trained dog by Crystal.  Useful resource and guide to living with sweet life !