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My Dog Sales Policy
I sell, deliver and transfer ownership of dogs to the buyer.  The buyer is the legal dog owner immediately upon date of sale.  

I require all buyers to reserve their new dog with 25% of the purchase price. This reserve deposit holds a dog for you until a specified date.

The delivery date is scheduled AFTER I receive your deposit to hold the dog for you.  After you have paid in full your dog is delivered to you.  This includes pick up from my place. 

I allow my buyer to transfer their money to a new dog one time; this applies to reserved dogs that have been paid in full.

No contracts.  This is our contract.

No refunds for any reason.  

Timelines for training are determined before you buy.   I know what it takes to train any dog for my client.   Your timeline, budget and expectations are shared with me.   We stick to our timeline.   These are posted on my website along with pricing.

​Turn key dogs, are sold all inclusive everything from start to finish fixed price.  Included is the dogs training, transition sessions, delivery, dog's supplies/equipment and career maintenance.  You must live local to receive all.

Green dogs have completed foundation or level one. This is 12-24 weeks of build up training.  You finish the dog yourself.  Supplies or career maintenance not included in pricing.

Read my website. What I do is train dogs and transition the skilled dogs to my buyers. I train to proven timelines that are mandatory for all dogs. The full training program is a timeline of 48 weeks. The program is broke down into 4 trained dog levels: foundation, level 1, level 2, level 3. Puppy training is the same as adults but at a puppy level. A puppy is the longest timeline: he must be trained as a puppy then trained as an adult. A custom trained dog: completes general mandated training then is custom trained and transitioned to you.

​I accept cash and all credit cards with Square or Pay Pal.  

All buyers: failure to pay or communicate with me will result in termination.

​Co-ownership's, the co-owner is you.  You agree that you want the dog as your forever pet.  You will NOT alter the dog (no spay/neuter). You will not sell the dog.  I reserve 3 breeding/litters of my choice in which I solely own.

Can we pick our dog or puppy?  I select a dog for you based on your lifestyle, circumstances and desired training you share with me via dog purchase application as well as follow up email/text questions I may have.  

​Financing is available for purchases of $500 - 10K.  I will give you the financing application link.  Please ask for it.  This is through Square Capital.