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Home of the famous, Thurston County Sheriff K9 Jaxx !
Excelon Patrol Dog Training Program 

I prepare the young dog for the physical and mental challenges he will face on the street working as a patrol dog. The dog is prepared to work in urban and rural environments as a tracking dog.  My dogs both ground scent and trail on line for human odor.  They are accustom to line handling, but can also search a dedicated area and building off line for human odor. 

The dog is responsive to his handlers basic obedience voice commands.  My patrol dogs are trained to react and assist the handler in a threatening/assault situation. 

​I initially prepare young dogs for transition to your team so they can pass state certification with your department.  Beyond certification, your department will need to finish the dog's training with customized street work.  As well as maintain his career training.

Contact me today to get the process started.  I select 2 dogs every 24 months.  Green dogs start at $6k and up. Turn key are $16 and up. You will need to be notified when I have one available.  My home is not a facility, so you and I will not have issues to deal with that are typical from large commercial kennels.
 Above Excelon Patrol Dogs: Thurston County (retired) K9 Marko and Mason County K9 Ryder.

​I Prepare Young Dogs for Patrol Work on the Following Target Training Exercises

Off Leash Obedience Profile & Exercises
1 Heeling -loose
2 Heeling-controlled
3 Recall
4 Down out motion
5 Sit out motion
6 Recall with down
7 Recall with sit
8 Long sit
9 Long down 
10 Switch positions sit/down

Tracking Profile
1 Hard surface-urban
2 Variable surface
3 Vegetation-rural
4 Line tracking
5 Control
6 Aged 

Searching Profile-evidence and article recovery
1 Ground recovery
2 Sweep large area
3 Track evidence recovery through scent
4 Indication response

Building Search Profile & Exercises
1 Search pattern
2 Locate decoy through scent work
2 Alert
3 Control

Area Search
1 Search
2 Locate decoy through scent work
3 Alert
4 Control

Handler Protection Profile & Exercises

1 Call off
2 Down-stay
3 Recall
4 Attack, out