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Excelon Trained Dog Purchase Process 
  • Dog Selection

  • Purchase

  • Training foundation to desired level

  • Transition from me to you

  • Finishing work-custom suit

  • Maintain for life

My dogs are priced based on trained level. The more training present the more valuable he is.  My trained dogs transition well to you because they have the skills needed to do so.

What I Do: 

I full time train dogs in one of my long term programs.  I do not have a warehouse of dogs. Every 24 to 36 months I hand select 2 dogs.  Either for my self or for a client.  

I do not sell puppies.  Untrained dogs are selected at various ages with typical being 16 weeks, 8 months or 18 months, but may be mature at 3 years of age.  Regardless of their age all untrained dogs have no training experience; therefore, I must start at the beginning called the foundation level.  Once I reach a finished training level with dog, I offer him/her for sale.  

You must understand that dogs take time for me to find.  To understand how I select a dog or puppy please visit my dog selection page.   Majority of my clients, want a trained dog that is easy for them to live with.  I pretty much only live with trained dogs, so it is easy for me to complete the hands on training with dog.  How long it takes depends on many variables that revolve around you. There are 4 trained skill levels possible.  Each trained level is a timeline of 12 weeks.  

Listed Dogs For Sale on My Website

Sometimes I have puppies and dogs listed for sale now on my website.  I have strong relationships with breeders near and far.  Some of them are listed on my website as puppies.  When you email me it is helpful; if you tell me when you want the dog: 6 months from now or 24 months from now...

Dogs for sale: I state when the dog's training completion date is for the current level we are actively training.  Sometimes I state when the dog can go home with you. 

Contact Me

Your are new to me, and in order for me to help you; fill out my dog purchase application.  
This will give me the information I need to help you.

I regularly meet my clients in person at my place. You can schedule a date and time so we can go over some personal details. 

 Phone consultations, schedule a date and time with me.  I text and email daily.  Some basics you and I can discuss are your timeline, budget, lifestyle and training expectations.   I prefer to gain this through you filling out my dog purchase application.

What Happens Today?

​Text me today and set up your phone consultation or in person meet and greet to discuss your trained dog details.

I require a deposit of 25% of the purchase price as step one. Your deposit begins the process described above. You can expect an average purchase price of $6-16k, depends on trained level desired.  I accept all major credit and debit cards like usual. Financing is available.

​Purchase Process
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