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Reina  AG1                                               $12,000.00
Excelon Athletic and Area Guard Trained Female German Shepherd For sale or co-ownership.
Ready for transition now.  
Reina is a three year old black sable German Shepherd. Super guarding ability. She is naturally protective with caliber 2 drives.  While she has the highest level of obedience possible she needs strong leadership.  Suits active adult home.  She is trained to be neutral and obedient in the home, however is not suitable for a children home.  She lives with my cats, but really needs to be the only dog.  

Reina is fully trained in my Athletic Dog Training Program.  She is trained to guard fenced property. Pull a duty cart and task training around the home.  Excellent wildlife deterrent dog for large acreage with a shop. 

Reina is active breeding female while for sale.  She is genetic health certified.
She is for sale or available on co-ownership.

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** Area guard dogs are not suitable for children or other animal homes.  Area guards are highly protective of property-territory and live outdoors.
Reina Trained Area Guard: Female German Shepherd