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Visit USA Service Dog Registry for Free Service Dog Registration,and to Download ADA Service Dog Requirements:

USA Service Dog Registry.org

  Free Service Dog Registration Service
  Service Dog Identification Tags
  Working Dog Business Cards
  Service Dog Vests
  Certificates, Plaques & Vehicle Decals
My service dogs are affordable.  You may lease or buy your trained dog so you can budget both the dog's build up training and his required career maintenance while he is working.  The average total cost of my trained service dogs are $16, 000.

I don't sell puppies.  I select and train dogs for k9 jobs such as service dogs. I know that a service dog is a major investment of time and valuable resources. I understand what it takes to help you get the trained dog you want and need for yourself or your child.   I respect the sacrifices that you may have to make to bring a service dog into your home. 

The transition process from me to you is easy when you are prepared. As part of my full trained dog purchase package I include the vest, leash, collar, harness, tethers, muzzle and personal reward items for the dog.  The transition process will require you and I to spend a lot of time together for the desired smooth transition I want for me, the dog and your family.

Your dog is coming from my home to your home.  He is already used to daily task training and likes people.  My home is not a facility, so you and I will not have issues to deal with that are typical from large commercial kennels.

My service dogs can be trained to suit your needs by performing the following tasks:  taught to retrieve items, turn on and off light switches, pull and walk beside wheel chairs, open and close doors, balance unsteady people, etc.  They can assist in alerting others that you are in distress; such as heart conditions and seizures.

Select level 3 trained dogs can be taught to defend you should a perceived threat occur in your home or when you are independently out and about.   This practical handler defense training is optional and can be added only after you have the relationship required.

I do not have application fees.  I do have a simple, but through dog purchase application that you must fill out and email back to me.  This gives me the information I need to help you with your trained service dog purchase and training.

Get a trained service dog: application for purchase >
My trained service dogs average 24-35 weeks of training focusing on obedience skills that go beyond the leash. This level of training allows you to easily begin your life with your trained dog.  

Trained beyond basic national standards include, but are not limited to this standard of behavior: 

  Obedience trained beyond basics
  Responsive to first commands of handler
  Should not eat off the floor
  Ignores other animals, people, food, and   objects
  No aggression such as lunging, growling, snapping, biting, or posturing, showing teeth unjustly
  Clean and well-groomed
  No jumping, licking, or approaching other people
  Able to maintain composure despite multiple distractions
  Must have 4 paws on the floor unless completing specific tasks to aid handler.

​The picture to the right is a link to the ADA law requirements and definitions for service animals.  The ADA requires that you task train and control your service animal with his training at all times while he is working at home or in public. You must be legally disabled.

There is no certification or registration required by the ADA.  This is optional.  For some of my clients I recommend using USA service dog registry.  It is free.  Most others are a scam.     

Service dogs in training, do not have public access rights.  This is because they are not service dogs. A dog needs to have completed more than 12 weeks of foundation training and is under control before he is eligible to begin public access training with me.
What is Excelon Service Dog ?

Your dog is trained to obey commands well past basics.  Once your dog's foundation training is complete, he/she is custom task trained to suit you.  While your dog is working his career; we will continue to train together as this training is long term. You need your service dog to respond intelligently to voice commands and gestures, this will be complete before I transition the dog to you.

The nature of service dog training calls for a dog that is trained to be neutral in most social situations in order for the dog to serve you properly.  You have the option to add practical protection training, for level 2 and 3 trained dogs. I consider this custom.