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Trained Dogs For Sale, Shelton WA USA
Turn Key Trained Dogs Ready. 

Turn key dogs have completed more than 48 weeks of training in one of my training program.  Fully trained for you.  Finished and ready for transition to you.  The dog's training equipment and career maintenance is included in this package, $16 - 24 k, take a look at trained dog pricing.
Green Dogs.

Green dogs have less than 24 weeks of training.  The foundation and level one may be complete, but the dog has not completed the full program.  They are for sale and ready for you to take over the build up training.  The more training a dog has completed the more valuable and reliable they are to live with.  Priced at $6 - 12 k.
Trained dogs are the best pets.
 Alternative Programs. 

I traditionally do straight sales; you are buying and I am selling a trained dog. I also do co-ownership's with qualified individuals looking for a family pet. I offer career change dogs that were purchased and selected for service or patrol dog training programs, but are not training up well and need to change their career to something else. On occasion, I offer donation dogs to qualified service dog trainers and law enforcement agencies.  More information > 
Fill out your dog purchase application.

Fill out your online dog purchase application and email it to me. Then expect an email conversation with me about dogs I have available now. Followed by scheduling a meet and greet with me to discuss further details about your newly trained dog.
Selected Breeds I Choose
  • German Shepherds
  • Belgian Malinois
  • German Malinois
  • Dutch Shepherd
  • Rottwieller
I also offer consulting and breed selection services for my clients who wish to choose a breed of their choice from elsewhere.  You may choose any protection breed that is suitable for the training and lifestyle.  Such as, Beauceron, Cane Corso, Doberman, Mastiff and more.

Your new dog is selected from elsewhere, purchased and then trained to suit your needs in one of my training programs.