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German Shepherd Trained Puppies For Sale, Shelton WA USA

Transition session from me to you are included with the sale of any of my dogs. 

 I know they will adapt to you and your family because they have the social skills and training needed for a smooth transition. Excelon trained puppies have started potty training, house training, leash training, e collar training, obedience, manners and more. 

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Male and female German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois or German Malinois trained puppies for sale. I prefer protection dog breeds and select only pups that are suitable for training in one of my training programs. Take a look at the training programs.  
Trained puppies’ range in pricing start at $3,000 and up.  

The more training a dog has the more valuable, responsive and trustworthy they are in everyday life. My off leash trained pups generally are $3,600 and up. Trained puppies for sale range in age 16 weeks – 10 months old. My puppies in training include obedience, house training, crate training, potty training, socialization and control work for everyday life.
Trained Puppies For Sale, Shelton WA USA
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