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Dog Training Programs
Your new trained dog has been trained in one of my four training programs.  The video below gives you an idea of what my level one trained dogs can do. 
For a smooth transition your newly trained dog includes transition sessions from me to you.
The 4 Dog Training Programs: 

  • Excelon Family Protection Dog (PP)
  • Excelon Service Dog (SD)
  • Excelon Patrol Dog (PD or K9)
  • Excelon Obedient Family Dog (EOB)

There are 4 trained dog skill levels for each program.​

  •  Foundation Training Skill Level (FT)
  • Level One (1)
  • Level Two (2)
  • Level Three (3)

When I reach a finished level with my dog in training I offer him for sale to you at one of the 4 trained skill levels.  The goal of my training program is to train dogs that have no health problems, with correct temperament and drives in one of my programs to do real life.  Extraordinary dogs go on to be dual purpose.  Most dogs are single purpose.

All the dogs start with the foundation skill level.  This includes obedience, socialization and manners for everyday life.  The dogs are trained according to their temperament and ability.  

The caliber of dog determines whether or not I will train him for patrol dog, so he can go onto police work and serve in our community.  Most of these dogs are green and finished by the receiving department.

The intelligence of the dog is number one in service work.  My dogs I offer for sale are intelligent and responsive.  They will easily learn what you want them to do for you.

Puppy training is all the same target training exercises as an adult dog, but at a puppy level.  Your new puppy requires continual training until maturity.
Trained Dog Questionnaire