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Vaccination Schedule For All Excelon Dogs
I vaccinate my own dogs as follows:

6-8 weeks of age  number one of the puppy series.

10-12 weeks number two of the puppy series.

16 weeks number three of three puppy series.

12 months old booster.

2 years old booster.

I do not vaccinate dogs over 2 years old that have completed the series.  I do not over or under vaccinate my dogs.  

I use 2 brands, but not at same time.  I choose either Solo Jec 9 and Duramune Max 5-CvK/4L.
Flea and Tick Preventive
De-worming and Annual Preventive For All Dogs
Solo-Jec® 9 protects against nine canine diseases in one vaccine.
I de-worm my own dogs as follows:

Start at 4-8 weeks of age  Pyrantel Pomate de-wormer every 7 days till 10 -12 weeks of age.  This kills roundworms.

All Worms:Preventive:
16 weeks of age De-wormer Fenbenzole preventive treatment of giardia, roundworm, tapeworm, whipworm, hookworm and more.

12 months old booster.

2 years old booster.

I de-worm my dogs as needed throughout their life.  While dogs are born with parasitic worms;  I prefer a parasite free healthy dog.

12 weeks of age

Starting at 12 weeks of age, I apply a choice topical flea preventive treatment so my dogs remain flea and tick free.  I generally use Frontline plus sold OTC and veterinarian approved Activyl sold at most veterinarian clinics.   

I apply it one time a month year round.  We lead an active indoor/outdoor lifestyle. 

I also regularly dust my yard, house and kennels with Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Powder.  To keep my environment healthy and free of parasites.

Bathing and Grooming All Excelon Dogs
6 weeks of age 

Starting at 6 weeks of age, I begin regular bathing and grooming rituals with all my dogs.   I use natural biodegradable soaps.  No particular brand.  I like lavender, eucalyptus, geranium and cedar-wood scents.

​My grooming ritual includes, bathtub indoor (winter) and outdoor (summer), grooming table and pet dryer.   I 100 % care for my dogs from head to toe.  Inside and out.   This includes daily brushing, toe nail trims and ear cleaning as needed.  

My dogs are wash and wear type of dogs and I prefer a natural coat that is well groomed.  Puppies are started at 6 weeks of age.  The older the dog is the more accepting they are, but some dogs dislike this activity and are difficult to handle.  It gets done regularly.

You take care of your new Excelon Dog how you see fit.