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Winter Activities 
I live outside of Shelton, Washington.  This is at the base of the Olympic National Forest or the Olympic Peninsula area.  I love the outdoors and naturally my dogs do too.  We frequently walk to and on one of the many logging roads in my neighborhood they are great place for conditioning myself and the dog for a future hike.

I like to do difficult uphill hikes. I regularly go up near staircase and the Brown's Creek area.   My dogs are athletic and in excellent condition they carry weight packs on conditioning hikes (we as a team stay in shape year round) and their own water, food and supplies.  I carry my own weight pack and supplies. 

When we are not doing a conditioning hike and are headed out to conquer a super  difficult day hike; we do not bring our conditioning weight packs.  For these hikes I usually drive near and far to a distant trailhead.  We are known to do over nighters.    My dogs are off leash obedience and e collar trained. I enjoy peace of mind, hands free and know my dogs are under control. 

Unfortunately their are many irresponsible dog owners in the woods, on trails and their dogs are out of control.  Not all of the the national forest trails and parks allow dogs.  This is too bad.  My hike locations get down sized every year because of this lack of respect for nature and the domestic dog needs to be trained to stay with you.

Now days I prefer fall and winter solo hikes, with my husband or my dogs.  Less likely to run into an idiot dog owner.  I previously was a member of the Mountaineers and took several of their courses at my local branch.   Respect nature and the others on the trail, most die hard hikers go to find solitude not chaos. 

The Mountaineers is an outdoor community teaching you skills to explore the outdoors safely and responsibly. Founded in 1906, we've been getting people of all ages outside for over 100 years. We are passionate about building a community of people who are knowledgeable and care about the outdoors. We work to protect the outdoor experience for generations to come. 


Graves Creek Trail

Hard-difficulty Trail

Graves Creek Trail is a 17.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Forks, Washington that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult.